About Us

With a name like Happy & Healthy Products, you know it’s going to be good.

Fruitfull Strawberry Cream Bar

Our Story

Since 1991

Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. (H&H) was founded in 1991 by Linda Kerr Kamm.

Linda’s belief has always been that great products combined with great people providing great service would make H&H successful.

Linda’s desire to create a healthy product led her to make bars with real pieces of fruit and nutritious ingredients in a time when most bars are made with sugar, water and artificial flavors. While most fruit bars target children, Linda developed her product for healthy and weight conscious adults…particularly women.

Over the years, our products have won several awards including Best Snack of the Americas at the Trade Show of the Americas in Miami.

On the franchise side, H&H has worked hard to assemble a gifted home office support team and the best franchisees in the world. Our franchisees are a special family of people devoted to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. Collectively, they are a group of small business owners living the American Dream.

We currently have distribution in 22 states across the U.S. We are big enough to do things on a professional basis yet small enough to be friendly, flexible, genuinely enthused and proud of our product.

Happy & Healthy Products Inc
Original Fruitfull Bars

Giving Back

Our Commitment to Community and Charity Partnership


To fulfill both our joy and responsibility, we support Caring Bridge.


Charity Logo 1
Caring Bridge is an online platform designed to help patients and their loved ones build a bridge of communication and support along a health journey. Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. is proud to support Caring Bridge and its mission for “a world where no one goes through a healthy journey alone”.