Why H&H for a Retail Location?

Happy & Healthy Products are ideal for retail locations - like yours!


60 Second Video Why H&H For a Retail Location

Happy & Healthy products sell extremely well all over the country in Whole Foods and retail locations, just like yours!

People love our signature, mouthwatering Fruitfull frozen fruit bars. They won ‘Best Snack of the Americas’! Our 20 flavors include vegan and dairy-free options. They are a delicious, healthier snack made with non-GMO fruit, are Gluten-free, kosher, halal and have no artificial ingredients.

We offer individually wrapped grab-n-go snacks such as:

Trail Mixes
And gourmet breads

We are a woman-owned business, ready to be YOUR solution manager. Our strengths are top-quality products and excellent service. Our distributors deliver our products and provide a colorful display freezer and snack racks at no charge. We service the equipment and restock the merchandise to keep your labor costs low. There are NO order minimums!

If you’re ready to increase your profits and put a smile on everyone’s face as a thousand retailers do now, let us know. We are ready to deliver your first order!

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