Why H&H for a Potential Franchisee During Covid Times

Why Happy & Healthy for a Potential Franchise During Covid Times

Feeling nervous about starting a business during a pandemic? That is completely understandable. But great news โ€“ a Happy & Healthy Products franchise IS an essential business. Why? First, we are a wholesale distribution food business. And second, our franchisees supply our healthy and in-demand snacks to vital businesses like hospitals, health food stores, grocers, and markets!

Happy & Healthy Products offers award-winning Fruitfull frozen fruit bars made with non-GMO fruit. And we also supply a full line of wholesome Be Happy & Healthy Snacks, Breads and Popcorn. Health-conscious consumers seek our wholesome snacks to fit their busy lifestyle. Hospitals and other essential businesses demand our many products lines because they are:

Individually wrapped
Grab-n-go style
Immunity boosting products
Have Nutritional value and healthier ingredients

By focusing on critical accounts, you can increase your sales with these popular products. Choose from 6 different revenue streams. This is a flexible franchise business that you can pivot quickly to react to market changes. Be Confident, Be Essential, Be Happy & Healthy!

For more information contact: franchiseinfo@happyandhealthy.com