It was such a pleasure to spend a week locating with Enrique of Houston Healthy DeLites. Enrique and his wife Connie discovered Happy & Healthy Products at the 2014 at the Houston Franchise Expo. They not only loved the fruit bars but they looked forward to the flexibility of our franchise fitting into their lifestyle.

Both Enrique and Connie are retired and love spending time with their family and grandkids. Their sons are excited to incorporate the new business into the family so that everyone including the grandkids can help and have fun selling Fruitfull®.

Enrique used to work in the oil/gas industry. He is a pro at knowing where all the corporate offices are for every gas and oil company in Houston. We presented to as many as we could get in front of and look forward to providing fruit bars for many. We also signed Lifetime Fitness where we held a sampling during a downpour! Thankfully two men provided their assistance in getting the freezer down off the truck for us since it was raining. See…you can always count on help from your locations even if you’re delivering by yourself! Connie had a blast speaking to everyone during the sampling and sharpening her product knowledge within two hours.

One of my favorite stops we made was at Phillips Snack Mart to meet with Lauren and Tom. We met this couple at the same 2014 Houston Expo we met Enrique. They didn’t want to be a franchisee but they owned a store and wanted our products so I promised them I would come and see them with our new franchisee when the time came to train them. They were so excited to see us! Their store is beautiful and our freezer has a spot right up front! Lauren and Tom have been in the industry for a long time so they look forward to introducing Enrique to other business owners that he can sell too.

Mama’s Food Market was another great stop. When we walked in we noticed an unmarked freezer with unmarked fruit bars in it. WHAT?? I told Enrique I was pretty sure this store owner got stuck with a freezer from another company and decided to go buy fruit bars at Costco. He opened them and dumped them into the freezer. Boy did I hit it right on the nose! Andrew, the store owner was fabulous and so thankful to meet us. Not only are we saving him time from having to go shopping at Costco but now he won’t get in trouble if the inspector comes in and sees he’s selling product without labels.

Good luck to Enrique and Connie. We are thrilled to have you be a part of our H&H family. We look forward to seeing you at the Symposium next year!