The Process

How It Works

As we mentioned earlier, this is a business that you run from your home, rather than having it run your home! You have no investment in real estate (other than your own home.) We ship your products not to your home but to a local commercial cold storage facility (which we will find and arrange a relationship with) where your product will be stored year round. Since fees and guidelines vary, we will work with you to ensure a smooth process. Check this out in our FAQs.

Marketing Consultants to Help You Get Started!

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H&H’s own marketing consultants spend a week or two weeks training you in your immediate area depending on the level of investment you choose to make in a franchise. They will physically go out with you and set up your initial locations (10-15 minimum to start). PLUS, these accounts are guaranteed in writing or our consultant does not go home. How great is that? At the same time, they will help you learn how to get your own new accounts, so you will have the ability to expand your business on your own.

Retail Sales

Perhaps the most FUN aspect of the business is Retail Sales! This is where you, your spouse, and your kids put on your most fun-looking, tropical clothing, grab your straw hats and sunglasses and have a blast! Set your sites on various weekend special events where you can set up that go on practically every weekend, particularly in the summer!

Custom Display Freezers

H&H offers custom display freezers to our franchisees – perfect for events or to start a new account. You loan your freezer to a retail location to stock and display the product. (Because you are wholesaling the product, it is basically sold when it is delivered. ) The personnel at that location takes care of selling the product to the ultimate consumer. The freezer acts as the advertising medium or “silent salesman” for the product and draws consumers over to it.

Military Veterans as Franchisees

H&H is proud to be be part of the International Franchise Association that has enlisted 60 companies to participate in a program to offer veterans a discount on franchise fees. Military veterans are usually very successful franchisees and we are always looking for these individuals to be a part of our system. Currently, we offer a discount ranging from 4 to 10 percent off our franchise fee. Please contact our franchisee coordinator at 561-367-0739 for more information on this fantastic franchise opportunity.