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Named one of the “Top Low Cost Franchises Under $50,000” by Entrepreneur Magazine. Happy & Healthy Products was one of two food companies in the country to make this year’s list.

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The core values of Happy & Healthy are about as high as they possibly could be - we are very grateful for Linda Kamm and all the team who have been consistent in this area for as long as we have been in the business, 22 years! If you put the time into it and are persistent, you can be successful in this business. It is also a great choice for those looking for flexibility with family and other commitments.

Anthony & Tammy Cracolici - Pure & Wholesome Distributors

We love that we can do this business together at home. No need for a brick & mortar location which can be very expensive!

Kim & Regis Cunningham - Healthy Addictions

Happy and Healthy Products has always provided me with unlimited support from the day one. Their staff is always friendly and ready to assist me no matter what question I have for them. Their training was on point and prepared me to fly solo in no time at all. When you have a great product backed by an incredible staff everything falls into place very quickly.

Mary Burger - Rocky Mountain Delights

I look forward to going to work every day, and that is some­thing I honestly haven’t been able to say in a long time.

Bob Pratt - Good 4 You, LLC

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Frequently asked questions

Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. (H&H) has been in business since February 1991. We are the national franchisor for the fantastic product which we produce called Fruitfull.

Fruitfull is the most amazing, delicious, frozen fruit bar in the world. It is absolutely loaded with huge chunks of fruit.

We are a national company. Our headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida and the factory is in La Habra, California. We distribute Fruitfull through our franchisees currently in select states and we are continuing to expand our product distribution by selecting qualified Fruitfull franchisees in areas where distribution is needed.

A Fruitfull franchise is primarily a wholesale business.  Basically, franchisees wholesale Fruitfull, Happy Indulgence® Decadent Dips™ and Be Happy and Healthy® Snacks, Breads, and Brownies to locations such as hospitals, colleges and corporate cafeterias to name just a few.  

The frozen products are displayed in either a custom Fruitfull freezer or placed in the store’s own conventional freezer (like at an account such as a convenience store.)  Non-frozen items are displayed in attractive racks.  

Furthermore, with a Fruitfull franchise, there is a second opportunity to increase sales.  How?   Franchisees can also sell Fruitfull themselves while participating in the many retail events (such as fairs and festivals) that go on throughout the year.

That’s no problem. Many of our franchisees have little or no sales experience. As part of the investment, Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. will send a highly trained marketing consultant to spend a week (or two at the Grand Levels) training you in your immediate area. They will physically go out with you and set up your initial wholesale locations. They do not leave until at least the minimum number of locations are signed.

If selected, you could start full-time, but we actually prefer our franchisees to start part-time and ideally build to a full-time business.  As stated earlier, we recommend anyone who wishes to start full-time to invest in the Super Grand or Premium Level Franchise.  However, it is possible to start at any level and build to a full-time business.  Or, if you prefer, you can keep your business part-time forever.

Although we would like to be able to tell you, the federal government (specifically the Federal Trade Commission) has strict rules and regulations regarding the practice of any franchisor giving earnings claims to potential franchisees.  In short, we cannot furnish any information regarding the actual or potential sales, costs, income or profits of an H&H franchised business.  

Therefore, to help you find the answer to this and many other questions you might have, we will provide you at the Workshop (after we have received a completed application) with a list of all of our current franchisees and past franchisees.  We invite you to call or visit as many of them as possible before you make your decision.  

The more you find out about H&H, we think, the more excited you will be about this business.  We are proud of our reputation, our product and our family of franchisees.

We want our franchisees to be as committed to this business as we are.  Many of our current franchisees have been successful in securing financial backing from family members or friends who believed in them, from finding a partner, from commercial banks that specialize in business loans and from the Small Business Administration. In fact, Happy & Healthy Products is approved and registered on the SBA Franchise Registry at

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