Nutrition FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about Fruitfull® Frozen Fruit Bars and our other Happy & Healthy products.

Why is the order of ingredients significant?

On any nutrition label, ingredients are listed in the order of quantity. The first item in the ingredient list is what the product contains the most of.

Why does Fruitfull® contain purified water? Why can’t it Strawberrysimply be Fruit?

A frozen fruit bar cannot contain only fruit because in a frozen state it would not be “biteable.” Can you imagine biting into a frozen strawberry? Ouch!

What process is used to purify the water used in Fruitfull®?

The purified water in our bars is a result of reverse osmosis.

Can diabetics eat Fruitfull®?

Fruitfull® dietary exchanges are based on the Exchange List For Meal Planning by the American Diabetes Association, Inc. to make it easier for people to make choices in their own diets. Diabetics should always consultant their physician if they have any questions or concerns regarding their diet.

Does Fruitfull® contain sugar?

Fruitfull® contains different sweeteners which are added because, as we are dealing with a product of nature, the taste of bar would be quite inconsistent otherwise. People understand if they go into their local grocery store and buy fruits from the produce section, sometimes peaches will be sweet and sometimes they will be more tart. It’s okay — that’s natural with fruit! However, when they buy something in a package, they expect it to taste the same every time.

We add a small amounts of sweetener to balance out nature’s inconsistencies and we still keep it natural!

Regarding the milk products used in your Fruitfull® Cream Bars, are the dairy cows treated with BGH?

Our dairy suppliers use only raw milk from herds untreated with BST/BGH.

Is Fruitfull® Kosher?

All of H&H products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union to meet their high standards.

Is Fruitfull® Halal Approved?

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America has certified Fruitfull® is Halal approved for consumption by Muslims throughout the world. IFANCA’s registered trademark, the crescent M, appears on products which have been certified by IFANCA to be Halal approved.

Is the fruit in Fruitfull® bars blanched?

No, we do not use blanched fruit. Kids

I have a Gluten intolerance, does Fruitfull® contain any Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats or Buckwheat ingredients or by products?

Fruitfull® does not contain any of these ingredients and has been deemed Gluten Free.

Are the Emulsifiers and Stabilizers in Fruitfull® Gliadin free?

Much like “Gluten” (wheat and other grain products), “Gliadin” can cause complications for those with a Gluten intolerance. In speaking with the laboratory of the supplier of our stabilizer, they have explained that the stabilizer and thus Fruitfull® bars are Gliadin free.

None of the products used in the stabilizer are derived from a wheat source. Also…there is only a very trace amount of protein of any kind in the guar gum. This being a legume, would make it a vegetable source.

FYI – People with the above disorders should not have the Happy Indulgence® bars or Happy Indulgence® Decadent Dips™ bars, as they have chocolate coatings. We would still suggest those with allergies of any kind, check with their doctor on trying new food items for their particular situation and condition.

What is the Feingold® Association of the United States?

The dietary connection to better behavior, learning & health.

Many people suffer from sensitivities to food additives. Children, and those who are autistic, are particularly vulnerable. The “Feingold Association” will enable you to easily determine if foods and/or food additives are responsible for your health problems or your child’s behavior, learning or health problems. It is an alternative to drug therapy for many, and an adjunct to drug therapy for some.” Please check out this important site and remember that all Fruitfull® flavors qualified for inclusion by the Feingold Association! We are very proud of that. And now, Happy Indulgence® is Feingold Association acceptable as well!

I noticed that Be Happy & Healthy® Breads do not have Best Buy dating on the packaging. Why is that?

Be Happy & Healthy® Breads fall into the same category as frozen foods; the true Best Buy date is determined by the date it is removed from the freezer and placed on the store shelves.

Disclaimer: All material in the FAQ and nutrition section of this site is provided for educational purposes only. Consult your own physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.