H&H Records Milestone with 50th Franchise


H&H Records Milestone with 50th Franchise

9th Best Food Franchise* has steadily grown in tough economic times due to an innovative business model that appeals to entrepreneurs seeking successful business opportunities.

BOCA RATON, Fla. – May 14, 2012 – While many businesses have pulled back because of the recession, others have grown. While many entrepreneurs have saved their money, others have invested wisely. And while food franchises have recorded stagnant sales, others with a unique approach have succeeded.50th-Franchise-Image

Through a unique business model that has produced all of the positive items above and more, Linda Kamm is proud to announce that Happy & Healthy Products has reached the 50 franchise plateau through the addition of franchisees in San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

“When I started franchising my business back in the ‘90s,” states Ms. Kamm, “I felt that the best way for long term success was to find entrepreneurs who were as passionate about my product as I was and give them skin in the game where they knew they could be profitable from day one. Twenty one years and 50 franchises later, we’re still going strong.”

The H&H franchise model is truly unique in almost every case within the food franchise marketplace.

Affordable: Entrepreneurs can acquire a franchise for just over $45,000. In fact, Entrepreneur Magazine named it one of the “Top Low Cost Franchises to Buy Under $50,000.” Since franchises don’t require a brick and mortar retail location like other food franchises, there is little to no overhead cost to running the business.

Brand: After 21 years, H&H has built a strong brand reputation with retailers with its Fruitfull Frozen Fruit Bar product line. Named Best Snack of the Americas in 2010, the product has a strong brand presence that has been successfully marketed and built a history of sales success.

Accounts: Every new franchisee works with H&H sales professionals to obtain at least a dozen of accounts within the first few weeks of ownerships. So each new owner gets to hit the ground running while utilizing H&H’s certifications and relationships to acquire new business.

“Our new franchises get the benefit of our 21-year working relationship with food service companies around the country,” states Ms. Kamm. “In many cases, we have already met the requirements to be “pre-approved” whereas other food franchises have to go through a longer process. Additionally, our Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certification is another great benefit that helps our franchisees open doors and close deals faster.”

Training: While the corporate sales professionals initially teach sales strategies and processes, the training continues throughout the year. Each year, H&H conducts a two to three-day symposium/convention to keep franchisees up-to-date on new products, sales presentations, operating efficiencies, marketing and customer service.

Flexibility: Unlike a food franchise that has to be “open” certain hours to accommodate its customers, H&H franchisees have total flexibility in when they work and how long they work. After all, it’s their business to run as they see fit. As a result, H&H franchise owners include a diverse group of people who do it full time, part-time or even as a second job for extra income.

Products: All new franchisees will market H&H’s full line of products, which includes:

Fruitfull Frozen Fruit Bars – Fruitfull is a 100% all natural product containing whole pieces of fruit in each bar. A delicious treat for kids and adults alike, the bars are available in 24 flavors ranging from Coconut Cream to Strawberry to Mamey-Sapote-Lucuma.
Happy Indulgence® Decadent DipsTM – Also 100% natural, these frozen fruit bars are hand dipped into thick, rich chocolate. Lower in fat than most ice cream bars, Happy Indulgence comes in six delicious flavors.
Be Happy & Healthy® Breads – Made with 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, and loaded with chunks of fresh fruit, healthy vegetables and gourmet nuts, these breads are the perfect choice for the grab and go lifestyle. The breads are available in 4 oz. individual slices in flavors ranging from apple to zucchini.
Be Happy & Healthy® Snacks – With everything from trail mixes and fruit blends to sweet selections and chocolate-covered indulgences, these high quality products look as good as they taste and offer customers a veritable cornucopia of choices.
Oskri® – A line of all natural and/or organic snacks and bars that are gluten free with no refined sugars. The single-serving bars come in coconut, sesame, fiber, protein and dark chocolate variations with a number of flavors to choose from.
While reaching 50 franchises is tremendous milestone in today’s business climate, Ms. Kamm wants to grow even faster.

“While our main products are frozen novelties, they are not seasonal products that only appeal to certain people in certain months,” states Ms. Kamm. “Our products offer the health conscious consumer an all-natural refreshment made with real fruit and no preservatives. People want to be happy and healthy year-round and that is what our products provide and how our franchises keep producing sales.”

Individuals who wish to learn more about franchise opportunities are encouraged to contact an H&H Marketing Consultant at behappy@happyandhealthy.com or at 561-367-0739.

About Happy & Healthy Products Inc.

Located in Boca Raton, Fla., Happy & Healthy Products Inc. is a national franchisor of leading brands such as Fruitfull, Happy Indulgence Decadent Dips and Be Happy & Health Snacks. Created in 1991 by Linda Kamm, the Certified Woman Business Enterprise Company is ranked as one of the “Top Low Cost Franchises under $50,000” by Entrepreneur Magazine and was named the 9th best “Food Franchise” by Franchise Business Review in 2012. The company is on the Web at hhsite[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]