Fruitfull Frozen Fruit Bars


Why can’t something taste great and be good for you without a lot of fat and calories? It CAN – if it’s a Fruitfull® bar — one of the healthy and delicious products offered by Happy & Healthy Products, Inc.

Fruitfull® bars offer great taste – from an exotic blend of big chunks of fivebarphoto-300x243non-GMO fruit and

high quality ingredients. They are delicious real fruit refreshment for the health conscious, weight conscious lifestyle. One pleasurable bite and you may feel yourself transported to a romantic fun little island!

AND, Fruitfull® bars not only taste good, they’re good for you — made with non-GMO fruit, Fruitfull® bars are nutritious products that you can trust.

Fruitfull® Dairy-free Fruit Bars – Loaded with chunks of fruit – fat-free, cholesterol-free and low on calories!

10 fabulous flavors: Strawberry / Raspberry / Pineapple / Lime / Watermelon / Peachy Orange / Tropical Splash / Passionate Cherry/ Mango and introducing — Coconut!

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Fruitfull® Fruit & Dairy Bars – Luscious and lush with the taste of real cream – a real treat!

7 scrumptious flavors: Banana / Piña Colada / Strawberry Cream / Raspberry Cream / Mango Cream / Peaches ‘n’ Cream / Coconut Cream

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