From Our Fans

The ONLY thing that could make your bar better would be the ability to eat two at the same time!

Ormond Beach, FL

I live in West Bloomfield, MI and I and so happy to say that I finally found a store which carries your product! Let me explain – a number of years ago, while on vacation, I tried your Coconut Fruitfull bar and let me tell you…I was in love.
When I came back home, no one knew what I was talking about. Then probably 4 years ago, I had the occasion to visit La Paloma grocery in Pontiac, MI and re-found the bars only this time I discovered Tamarind which I love as well. Haven’t been back to Pontiac since then but today – as I was shopping at Hillers Market in West Bloomfield – I saw your “silent salesperson” and almost knocked someone down getting to the freezer! I bought all the Coconut, most of the Watermelon and most of the Pina Colada.
Your bars are better than good!!



I am a coconut nut. If there is coconut in it, I will try it. I tried your coconut Fruitful product and LOVED it. It is the BEST tasting of all the various coconut ice products I’ve tasted. You now have a lifetime customer in me!!!!


Thank you,Sydelle B.

I PROMISE I will NEVER try another frozen fruit bar except for Fruitfull. Another companies brand of Coconut Fruit bars where on sale at Publix last week. So I purchase them instead of Fruitfull. I was so disappointed and they where terrible to say the least.


Nina N.

I LOVE your watermelon frozen fruit bars. I always buy them out at our local store. They take forever to re-stock. Would there be any way I could order them to be delivered straight to me?


Thank you,Jenna

I tried your “Fruitfull” for the first time at Tucson, Arizonas’ University Medical Center. I will be keeping my eye out for them at stores. This is wonderful! I love the fruity taste and the no preservatives is like a bonus.
Thanks again for a great product!


Pat D.

Thank you for such a yummy treat! My daughter and I absolutely LOVE your Strawberries and Creme bars.
It might be me, but am I not able to buy these bars in a box? I find them at the check-out stand at a grocery store I shop at. I’ve started looking for your product in bulk (cuz we love them!) and not finding them.
Are they available in a box? And where can I find them? I live in a far south suburb of Chicago.
Thanks for your help with this serious problem 😉


Dora C.

I love your products, especially the coconut one. I was wondering if you have any coupons available that you can send it to me, my kids love your products as well!




I love, love, love your banana ice bars. (I’m English and we call them ice lollies there.)

I usually buy 12 at a time from Wholefoods in Plantation, Florida, because they are so hard to find. Once, about 18 months ago, my local Publix, who no longer stock these, did a special order of 24 for me.

The past few weeks I have been unable to get any banana flavor, except one lonely bar left in the Fort Lauderdale Wholefoods. I usually shop at the one in Plantation.

Any chance of getting some banana ones in there please? I am going “bananas” without my lollies!


Thank you,Marion S

Good Afternoon
I shop Lakewinds Co-op in Chanhassen, MN. A while ago I discovered your fruit “sticks”. The first one I tried was the mango cream–awesome!
So the next time I went in, I tried the strawberry cream, banana cream and I can’t remember the other flavors and getting them is quite rare. Each of the bars/sticks that had the cream in them really pleased my palette. These “sticks” satisfied my need for something sweet after a meal.
This is my ice cream!!!!!!
This is a great product, the price is good and also the nutritional content is good.


Thanks Linda M.

I love Fruitfull and live in Cleveland-Strongsville, Ohio. Where can I find these??


Thanks, Alok B

My daughter had some of your bars at an Equinox in Aventura, Florida. We live in NY and I would love to surprise her with some. Where can I buy them in Roslyn, NY…please say I can get them somewhere!!


Thanks, Gail G.

I recently had the opportunity to taste one of your Pineapple Juice bars. To say it was fabulous would be an understatement. I must find a store near my house that sells these frozen delights!


Thank you, Sylvia H

I am ADDICTED to Fruitfulls! I haven’t had one in over a year and I’m started to crave them. I wish they were available more commonly.



Jeffrey C. via Facebook


First off, I love your products.

Secondly, I cannot find them ANYWHERE near the Nashville area. Is there anyone in this area that carries them? I have requested them, as well as my friends, but no one seems to be listening. Is there a distributor anywhere near me?

Please say yes! I’m also willing to buy in bulk/boxes!


Thanks for your help,

Emily L

My family love Fruitfull ice lollies. I live in London W11 and need to buy some.

There is a Wholefoods Market in W8, very close, but they don’t have them. Please let me know.


Many thanks, Caroline

I recently came across Fruitfulls and was just wondering where I could buy them in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They are really delicious and would like to get them for my family.

So far, I have only found them at work. Thanks for letting me know.


Becky C.


I am a HUGE fan of the Fruitfull line of delicious pops!

I was wondering where in San Diego I can buy them. I’ve never seen a mini-cooler anywhere except for in Boney’s Marketplace in Oceanside. Is there anywhere closer to where I live that sells the bars?


Thank you! Amanda

I am so upset! My Ingles in Clarkesville, GA is doing away with Fruitfull. I have lost over 130 pounds and my greatest treat is the coconut bar! I am in withdrawall!

I want them back. (The strawberries and Cream is great also.)!!!!!


Mary Jvia Facebook

I am a huge fan !!!!


Donna D via Facebook


I am addicted. I go on an actual HUNT to diff. locations searching for these bars. I LOVE them, especially Peaches & Cream. SO good. I love the coconut too.

They are natural and chucks of fruit is awesome. They aren’t like other frozen fruit bars – full of sugar.

Please add more to Austin stores!


Thanks Melody T.

Hello, my name is Claudia T. and I just finished eating your green tea melon bar.

I have to say that in my whole 27 years of life NO ONE has EVER been able to get me to eat ANY kind of melon. EVER.

My 5 year old son picked out this ice cream thinking it was lime but was unpleasantly surprised when he tasted it, so he gave it to me (of course!).

Well all I could think was OH. MY . GOD.!!!!! THIS IS SOO GOOD! I could not get over the fact I WAS ENJOYING Melon!! I MUST congratulate u on this ENORMOUS ACCOMPLISHMENT! ME? Eat MELON? KUDOS!!! You’re GOOD.


Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Summer has finally arrived here in Chicago, and I crave paletas that remind me of when I used to be a kid. I walked into a market up here for lunch, and there was your mini freezer, calling out to me.. So, of course I had to buy some for myself as well as the others in the office, and what a hit they are! so thanks!

Also, do you have any plans for new flavors? Kiwi? Cafe mocha? French vanilla? How about root beer?! Never mind – all the existing flavors are so good!

Thanks again.

Now my mouse is all full of strawberry lol.


Eddie G. Elk Grove Village, IL


I am a registered dietitian working at a large hospital in Maryland. We have been carrying your Fruitfull bars in our cafeteria and have to tell you all of us dietitians LOVE your fruit bars!

It is healthy snack that we can not only enjoy after a day of work, but we can feel good about patients eating them as well!

Thanks again!

P.S.- Where can I get the HORCHATA frozen bar! Thanks sounds de-lish!


Rebecca T. RD,LDN Clinical Dietitian

You guys are great!!!

I Love you guys and what you do!! Just had some of your fruit bars from our organization (CHOA of Atlanta).

I’ll do my part to spread the word….. too bad “they’re GREEEEEEEAT” is already taken!

Continued success,


Paul C.
Atlanta, GA

Feeling sick with breast cancer and I live two or three days a week on your creamy coconut frozen bars plus ginger ale. Imagine my surprise to read your label which states that you donate to Breast Cancer Research! (Maybe you will find out why I was cancer free for twenty-five years before it came back with a vengeance.)

Thanks for your support and I will look for more products with your label.



Pat S. Brighton, Massachusetts


I just wanted to let you know that I think your Coconut Cream Fruitfull bars are delicious! Thank you for making such a healthy and tasty treat. I’ve requested that the Whole Foods store in Beverly Hills start carrying them in 4-packs, as well as individually.

Keep up the great work 🙂


Alexis L. Beverly Hills, CA


My name is Chan S. I’m writing about the goodness of the New Fruitfull Ice Cream that I have really enjoyed on my lunch break today. Not knowing that this was gonna be a great treat for me. It will be a great treat for my kids as well at home.

Purchased this treat @ the corner store and wanted to know what grocery stores could I find this in, and also is this @ Sam’s or Costco. This was so delicious I almost hit myself for eating so fast.



Chan S. Memphis, TN

I LOVE your Fruitfull BARS!

Love everything about them — they are DELICIOUS (especially love the strawberry, watermelon and pineapple.)

Love that they are only 70 (FAT FREE) calories and no preservatives or artificial ingredients — But I can’t find them in any store (one restaurant in my area has them.)

I live in … Los Angeles and would appreciate some info as to where I can “stock up!”



Deborah B. Los Angeles

Chan S. Memphis, TN

Subject: Thank you!


I am the stylist for Cooking with Paula Deen magazine.

Thank you for sending your Fruitfull frozen fruitbars! We have kept them in our office’s freezer and it has been a happy pick-me-up for everyone that works in our office!!

Every afternoon we take a popsicle break, pick out our favorite flavor and enjoy. It’s such a refreshing and healthy snack. Everyone wants to buy some of their own now!

Thanks again,


Lucy C

Subject: Good Morning

Where stocks these amazing lollies for retail sale in the UK – Preferably Bournemouth, England

Thank you for your help


Caroline N. Castlepoint Bathstore

A Fruitfull is just dandy,
So much better than candy.
I decided to try it,
When I went on a diet.
They’re nutritious,
And so very handy.


Ilene C. New York

A change of life

I’ve been an asthmatic since I was a little girl. One year I had an allegoric reaction to my medication and gained a lot of weight. Every since my weight has become a huge burden on myself and my asthma. I would lose weight over a certain amount of time, and it would always come back. No diet I ever used worked. My weight climbed and climbed and my breathing became worse. I needed a solution and have yet to find it.

In February of last year, I was hospitalized with a severe asthma attack. This was an attack like no other I have ever had. Air was slowly getting into my body. My heart was beating extremely hard to replace the loss of air. I was in the hospital for one week and stuck at home for another. I missed my senior formal, along with a lot of homework. I was very sad the entire time. Once my breathing and heartbeat regulated, I was assigned to see a dietician. She told me I needed to lose weight soon. It really didn’t affect me because I heard it all before. I eventually graduated in June and was off to college in August.

Once I got to college, no one had told me I lived at the top of a hill. A hill I would have to climb everyday. So this means I really had to lose weight. My roommates and I recently all started a diet. This would mean I needed to buy healthy foods to eat.

One day one of my roommates and I went to the market. We were passing a freezer and she told me to try one of the Fruitfull bars. She said they were all fruit and very healthy. I ended up buying 3.

The first night I tried a Lime Fruitfull and I loved it. The next night I tried a Strawberry Fruitfull. And the final night I tried the Watermelon Fruitfull. The fruit really helped my diet and my craving. The Fruitfull bars are amazing and I am buying more all the time. I like to think they are really helping me lose weight. They are also contributing to bettering my asthma.

Thanks for a wonderful product.


Emily D. Hammond, Indiana