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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A campaign to help us get your favorite Fruitfull favors into more stores near you!Eyeglass

Over the past year, many of you – our great customers – have asked us what can be done to get Fruitfull into more stores near you.

Well, as soon as we can finalize some things, we will launch our Where’s My Fruitfull campaign… an opportunity for your voice to be heard with local retailers to carry your favorite all-natural snack: Fruitfull Frozen Fruit Bars.

Check back to this page for details on how you can help by simply asking the manager of your favorite store: Where’s My Fruitfull?

We’ll provide all you need to accomplish your goal and we’ll give rewards to our fans who refer us to an account that agrees to carry the product! We may even give rewards to those who participate and contribute their findings on our Facebook page!

So tell your friends about this fun campaign and help us help you get the flavors you want into a store near you!

Thank you!